Get ready to just be confused, yet intrigued...

Hi, I'm Stephen Bryant, and happen to be a California wedding and portrait photographer, and it just so happens that I married the most beautiful woman in the world! I know you might have heard other people say that, but the only difference with me is that I'm telling the truth. 

I love art, and I love people. When it comes to photography my philosophy is simple. BE AUTHENTIC. I really don't find anything more attractive than something that is real. Real love. Real tears. Real Happiness. Real Mexican food... but really, I'm not in the business of making you into something you're not. I'm in the business of drawing out the unique love we all share with each other. My wife and I believe that family, with all it's complexities, is simple at it's core... real love. Which is why we believe in making our photography real simple and real beautiful

Let's continue to make this simple...

Coffee? Send me a message. 

Stephen Bryant

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