It was a pretty good weekend. It's the week before halloween, here in Centerville we had some great things happen. We had our first snow. We carved pumpkins. Kasey is in town. Oh yea, we got engaged. WE GOT ENGAGED!!!!! 


Ok... So here's the short story of how it all happened, how I asked. I had just got off work an hour before Kasey's plane would land, and the night before I had been running around the Super Walmart preparing for this day. I had been compliling a list of reasons why I love this girl so much, and who knew it would end up in our proposal story. Since we are long distance we iChat a whole lot, and I often anger her will all the awkward photos I take while we are talking, again who knew that all those pictures would be part of our proposal story. 

You see... I had taken my list, some of the photos, and put them all together to tie them to 50 balloons and let them float around my room. 

Time to pick up Kasey, and off to the airport. I rushed on over to the airport, picked up the hyna, and on the way home just tried to reaffirm her love for me by asking, "You love me, yea? How much?" :) Once we got home I lured her into my room by trying to to convince her that my cool new work station was something to be experienced in person! 

This is where things didn't go exactly as I had planned. I imagined her walking in my room, being lost in the confusion, asking what's going on, and that is when I would lay out my speal. BUT this is how it happened...

She walked in and just said, "oh my gosh!!! What is this? this is so great!" then continued to hug me for a long time... Since things didn't go how I thought, I had to work on the fly... I was trying to get into my pocket while she continued to hug me, but I was having trouble getting in :) Finally got it though, but once it was out I still didn't know what to do, since she was still hugging me... SO FINALLY, I just pushed her off and started to lay out my speal. 

She said YES. :)

Stephen Bryant


Some funny side notes... She didn't think of anything being weird because, 'I always do these sorts of things.' And she then told me that when I was reaching in my pocket to get the ring she thought I was reaching for my phone to take pictures of us kissing since, 'I always do these sorts of things.'