• If you were to ask me to watch a kid about 4 years ago, I would have probably said, "You are insane to even ask me that." 
  • If you were to ask me to hold a baby 2 years ago, I probably would have backed away slowy and then red lined it as fast as I could in the opposite direction! 

I was just so intimidated by small children! Parents would tell me, "Oh, you'll be fine. They always seem to bounce right back up." YEA! That's what I am afraid of... THEM BOUNCING WHEN THEY HIT THE GROUND! And granted my fear may have come from being an only child and never really having younger cousins or just babies in general around, BUT, but... something thing happened!

It seems like one day it just clicked, and kids were no longer intimidating, but my best friends! Rolling around, dancing, playing games, telling stories, being silly, whatever... I have no fear! 

And here we are now, where parents are asking me to watch their kids... they must be crazy! :) But here are some of the cutest kids ever! I watched them the other night, and we all made a kung fu movie, the young lady and I had a dance party while the boys played a computer game, read a book, and just had a good time... at least I know I did! Ah... kids... you can't live with them, and you can't BEAT THEM! Just kidding :) 

Stephen Bryant