It's kind of crazy the trouble you can get in without even knowing it. I'm fairly new to Utah, and I absolutely love it here. There are a lot of cool places living 15 minutes north of Salt Lake. I literally have so many cool places... I just need to find them. 

I have the city just a hip and a skip away, open fields, big trees, old buildings... GREAT STUFF! The other day I went exploring and drove by a refinery, snapped a couple of shots, AND ALMOST GOT ARRESTED! 

Turns out it's a matter of national security to take picture of a refinery. Who knew? I'm not angry or bitter, I just find it kind of humours to be followed, pulled over by THREE OFFICERS, then having to sit in my car for 45 minutes! All ended well... I didn't get arrested, just left with a few citations, and having to show up in court. 

I am suffering from some paranoia though... for example: there is a cop car right in front of the Starbucks I am currently in, and I fear he is writing me a ticket as I type, or he will come in to ask, "Whose car is that outside, come with me..." 

Ah, great stuff.

Stephen Bryant