Ok. Ladies and gentlemen... here is one of the best looking guys around, and he happens to be my roommate. Right now we have a bet going that he cannot shave his beard, or cut his hair until January 1, 2013, and even looking the way he does he gets more stares and gawks (because of how good looking he is, and not because he looks like a pirate) that anyone I know. 

But NOT ONLY is he a great looking guy with only 4% body fat, he's also just a great guy(and single)! It's crazy to think of how long I have known him, and how he's so loyal, considerate, and someone you want on your team. He can literally talk about anything with anyone, has the best impersonations, and can quote/spot/watch Seinfield at any time! If you are ever bored, go check out his youtube channel with more videos to come! (CLICK HERE)

Stephen Bryant :)

*Oh and just so there is no confusion, there are also some picture of Michael, who is also ridiculously good looking. Man, come to think of it... I have some really good looking friends!