So, I lived in Utah. It was a pretty big life change/experience. I mention often mention it in conversation even though it was a few years ago simply because it was a big deal to me. And I must admit here are some things that I really miss about it. 

I miss having Marshall Pulliam in the room across for me, and the sketchy/fun/"interesting"/weird/the I don't even know type of things that we'd talk about, do, get ourselves into, the things I'd walk in on, and watching him wear booty shorts and sandals while it's snowing outside and hearing him complain about how cold it is as he scrapes ice off of his car.

I miss the struggle of trying to figure out who God is and how he works... not that I struggled with belief or that I don't have the same struggles of trying to figure things out, but I miss being more intentional with the struggle... reading, thinking, sitting in silence, and being able to reflect and make semi funny videos about my thoughts(like the one below).  I actually enjoy the struggle because I personally feel, if you aren't struggling, you aren't living it. 

I miss seeing the Pankratzi and how they work as a family. Hearing them talk in song every chance they could. Getting notes on my mini white board. Having a mini white board. Seeing a church plant and the people attending grow!

I wasn't planning on sharing so much. In fact I was just going to share the video, but sometimes you just gotta reminisce. I can't wait until its 5 years from now and I reminisce on this moment and current life struggles and joys. 

Here's the video...