I love days where I can work with The Hottie(my wife) all day and then just hang. Last month we were taking photos for Clovis Easts Little Hoopsters, which was such a blast! We got to see so many little kids play around, which is super entertaining, and can't wait to have kids to see them play sports. Half way through Kasey, got really into basketball… she was dying to play after one of our day sessions, so we went to her brother's house and shot some hoops and hung out with the fam.

I really do love these guys, especially the little guys. I love hanging out with them, watching them… making them do and say funny stuff! 

Even though my wife and I don't have any kids, and I can totally wait on having some… I can't wait till we get to share our love with our own little ones. 

The Hottie

The Hottie



Stephen Bryant