So if you want to meet and see a lot of foreign people, head to a National Park or to Disneyland! It's true, and I find them so interesting! They take pictures of everything, socials norms are way different, they sound angry most of the time, their sense of style is great... sometimes. 

On Saturday Kasey(my wife) and I took off for a little road trip! It's probably one of my favorite things because it reminds me of how our relationship started. Before we started dating we were hanging out and came up with this "great" idea to go on a 2 day road trip with no sleep and have mini challenges to help keep us awake! It was great, and so was this weekend.

Kasey busted out her iPod classic and we listening to great music, laughed at bands, high school days, and practiced our high school emo voices saying things like...

Ew. Dressing out for PE is for losers... let’s ditch next period.
Running the mile is so mainstream.
I only walk the mile...
You like playradioplay? You have good taste in music.

just goodness... I enjoy my wife. 

Stephen Bryant.