So my wife(Kasey) and I have a dog. The end. Just kidding, but we really do have a dog. Kasey has had Sunny since high school and since my wife was out living life Sunny stayed with her parents, but two months ago Sunny finally moved in with us!

Full disclosure... Sunny may be cute looking, but can be a total pain! Barking at every noise, peeing everywhere, pooping everywhere, being a big cry baby, feeling entitled... and I was not going to have any of it! So after showing him who is alpha dog, we are best of friends and he actually waits right next to my pillow for me to wake up. 

Kasey and I have been working with him daily and he's been doing great! Poops and pees outside AND he now sits! He's been in the family for seven years and in the last two months has learned to sit on command! So our new years resolution for this scruffy dog is to socialize the heck out of him... you know... get him out of the house, get fresh air, go on walks, party, meet some lady friends. 

Wish us luck and if you have any suggestions on bark control please share!

Stephen Bryant