The longer I'm married and especially now with the baby, the more I realize all the good cliche things they say about being married and having a baby are true! I love the time that we get to hang out and just do nothing!

The simple things:

  • hanging out in the baby's room before bed, and while he's playing doing his own thing, Kasey and I see if we can hit each other with his rubber blocks. Sometimes there is collateral damage, but we are pretty sure he enjoys it. 
  • Breakfast time. Mom says no more blueberries, and Dad tries to sneak in as many as he can. Baby boy tries to gobble things in very slow motion, or very quickly.(depending on his mood)
  • Dinner time. Where baby boy is so sneaky by putting food in his mouth, but will quickly remove it to share with the girls(our puppies)

This little guy has made us grow closer and deeper in love. We see how our individual strengths are heightened, and complement our weaknesses. 

Thanks, baby boy, for giving me and your mom so much to be thankful for!

November 13, 2016-9.jpg