Life is always strange... It's just weid to me how we, 1st; actually live, like how how our bodies are working and keeping us ALIVE! What keeps our hearts beating, the nurons firing, our lungs expanding.... how does it all keep going, and 2nd; how we organize and live our lives. 

When I wasn't juggling 1,000 things, I did these boring admin things, and even though I love writing I found it hard to be "inspired" to write about anything. But now that I'm doing so much of the things I dreamed about doing while doing the "boring admin things" I miss doing the boring admin things. 

I miss having times to post, and go through and pic my favorites, drive around and scout locations. 

6 highlights of life since forever ago.

- Oliver is now 6 months and just a crazy lunatic at home, but in public he's shy and happy, but he's always happy

- Ben Rector Albulm

- 3 years married!

- Been a part of an awesome organization Sweet Nector Society 

- New Puppy

- New garden

-Stephen Bryant